Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sweet Sketchbook challenge

Well, scraped in on this challenge by the skin of my teeth. Tried stamping with some store bought stamps but haven't got around to making my own yet. My take on sweet is my current soul journey.
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Friday, 22 February 2013

An unusual art tool

Okay, this is not what you normally conjure up when thinking of an artist's tool kit but I had the revelation last night that this was a key to more painting happening around here.
My ideal studio would be a warm, light filled, totally sound proof room with hot water on tap for coffees and a fridge full of inspiring and interesting foods to recharge upon. The reality however, is light years away from this! One of these ideals however, can be approximated, and the joys of undisturbed trains of thought are mine (and yes, by this you can deduce that I am an introvert).

The Sketchbook Challenge: Stevia Stamps

The Sketchbook Challenge: Stevia Stamps:
I'm blogging this link so I don't lose it! I've just invested in some stamps from my lovely parents-in- law's Christmas art voucher and this lady has some awesome ideas on how to make your own. I'm inspired to do some stamping!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Script Therapy

Self-calming is how I would describe script writing - on days when I have felt really frazzled and tired I have filled in some waiting time practicing the lettering either with brush or pen and have come away feeling a lot more peaceful. I've never tried calligraphy before so this is a new venture.
I really love some of the journal entries I have seen with script incorporated and that is my goal - to get good enough to use it in some artworks. In the meantime I will just enjoy the beneficial side effects - self-calming script therapy!