Saturday, 20 October 2012

DIY Travel Journal

Made this as a gift. After searching the stores and not being impressed with what was out there, I bought an A5 art journal, took the covers off and used some scrapbook paper to recover it. I superglued ribbon to the outside on the front only so that as the journal expands the ribon will be able to handle the extension. With more time it would have been good to spray with a sealant or even book seal but at 11pm the deadline was looming and time was short and the thought of taking a still sticky book and wrapping it was not good.
There are printables on the web for journalling, which I will post if anyone is interested.
It did take a lot longer than I anticipated trawling the net but now I would love to make one for myself!
Internally, on the inside cover, I added some little see through bags for bits and pieces of paper additions, tags, stickers etc.
I was so grateful for the help of our local Papertree art department lady - she was very helpful in suggesting the ribbon and anything travel wise in store.
The good thing about this kind of binding - it will be easy to add more pages from another A5 journal at the end.
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