Sunday, 7 July 2013


Coursera has been brilliant in expanding my knowledge of new and diverse art, wunderkammers and kunstkammers being my new favourites in the word collection department.
This week we were encouraged to create our own wunderkammers, or maybe, slightly curious collections.

Title: Life Compartments 2013
How: I chose a container that was clear plastic to resemble glass to try and create a new take on a cabinet. I attached hardware to this. I created the 4 small rooms insert with cardboard covered in papers of choice, then filled each room/compartment with the themes of my current life: domestic duties, education, creativity and spiritual. I created a faux wooden floor as most old buildings seem to have these. I also created a dress for the washing room. In the school room I created an altered art piece with part of it having a half clock with a wing attached.
What: As above, each compartment represents part of my life. I am a natural collector and have often wondered what to do with the little pieces of paraphernalia that I just can't get rid of yet! 
Why: From the close up you can see an arm in a washing basket this is a) a link to the original Kunstkammers which often had preserved body parts such as the Mutter Museum and b) a reference to the phrase "please give me a hand". Washing in particular, seems to fill up a lot of my life, and is represented by the crowded compartment along with a mixing bowl which represents the never ending creation of food. 
The second close up is of the interactive part of the work - you turn the metal spring that comes out of the box and it makes the part from a musical box play it's music. It's a reference to all the mechanical toys that were in the original kunstkammers or wunderkammers.
The altered art work with half a clock is an obvious reference to the shortness of time and time flying. Behind the brain is a little lego transmitter which is to do with the challenge of trying to transmit information to a person's brain cells (whether mine or others). The screw type thing which the brain sits on reminds me of one of Da Vinci's machines.
My life collection of minature slightly curious objects is finally found useful.

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