Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Script Therapy

Self-calming is how I would describe script writing - on days when I have felt really frazzled and tired I have filled in some waiting time practicing the lettering either with brush or pen and have come away feeling a lot more peaceful. I've never tried calligraphy before so this is a new venture.
I really love some of the journal entries I have seen with script incorporated and that is my goal - to get good enough to use it in some artworks. In the meantime I will just enjoy the beneficial side effects - self-calming script therapy!


  1. Hi. Just returning the visit! I Really enjoying your pages. I am thinking of learning calligraphy too. I came across someone in England (http://www.whatkatiedoes.net/2013/01/learning-calligraphy.html) who did a calligraphy course online. I love her beautiful writing.

    1. thanks so much for the feedback- thanks too for being so helpful on resources.