Saturday, 1 December 2012

Another type of interchangable necklace

This is what I got up to this weekend -actually two of these were the final result of many trys and a lot of time!
My friend having seen the bottle cap necklace wanted necklaces that matched her wardrobe and I solved this by giving her a number of paint chips to match her clothes to!
Using the cabochon (glass dome if you are new to necklace making like I am) created problems.
Problem number one was every little detail gets magnified therefore you need a perfect pendant before attaching the cabochon.
Problem number two is that in attaching the cabochon  there can be bubbles that form under the dome that are very hard to get rid of.
The better of the two necklaces is with my friend but I'm thinking of redoing this necklace due to the bubbles that formed. 

Having warned you of all the pit falls, this is how you make these:
This photo shows the very basic ingredients:
1. Cut out motifs 2. Background circle (fractionally less than one inch so you have to cut this by hand)
3. The background magnetic circle cut to the same size as the background circle
4.The glass cabochon 5.Glue to attach the motif, magnetic circle and cabochon to the circle(diamond glaze is good)

To decrease bubbling in the glue I suggest placing the finished dome under heavy books and checking periodically for bubbles.
If anyone finds a better way of solving this please let me know and I hope this works for you.
There is an easier way to create a pendant which would just involve not attaching the cabochon and that's the same process explained in the bottle cap necklace post using diamond glaze as the final "glassy"layer..

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