Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Interchangable bottle cap necklace/tag how to's

How to's:
In thanks for all the great inspiration out there that has really blessed me I thought I'd share this for those who might need quick last minute Christmas gifts.

The photo shows you the steps below. (Please don't pinterest post this photo - I'd like to see who gets blessed by this post :-) If you want to pin anything just pin the final result and a link to my blog would be great.)
1. As in the other post get a bottle cap and hammer the edges flat with a hammer
 2. Spray paint the back whatever colour you choose (I chose black)
3. Hammer a nail through the edge to make a hole
4. Get one of those advertising magnets that go on your fridge or a magnetic sheet if you have it in your craft stack.
5. Circle punch or cut out a circle to fit the bottle cap - check your bottle cap but it should be about an inch across. The circle punch does a neater job if you have one.
6. Stick on your circle punched or cut out image. Seal the image with mod podge or clear gel medium or even PVA. Leave to dry ( I put mine under an upturned plastic container so no dust/dirt gets stuck on).
7.Carefully put a layer of diamond glaze onto the surface to the amount you want. Leave to dry according to directions on bottle and again, I recommend putting an upside down container over it to prevent dust  spoiling the surface.
8. Place your magnetic center onto your bottle cap and there you have it - an interchangeable bottle cap necklace or tag!
9. May your Christmas season be blessed and full of joy!


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