Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bottlecap necklace tag

To make a bottle top tag you can google making a bottle top necklace or follow these simple instructions;
1. Find a bottle top that makes a nice shape when hammered around the edges. ( I used a  piece of material to soften the hammer blows on the metal). Some brands of bottle tops work better than others as I found after trialing different kinds. I had some cider bottle tops and they didn't work well - making an uneven edge when hammered. Spray paint the bottle top on the back.
2. Use a circle punch if you have one or else carefully cut a template that will fill the center of the necklace. Use this template to find a pleasing shape or pattern (I used a map).
3. Punch a hole in the edge of the bottle cap with a small nail and hammer. This hole needs to be large enough to get your metal connecting loop through.
4. Glue the the center in place and once this has dried use diamond glaze to cover the picture.
5. Set in a dust free place to cure ( iused an upturned plastic container over the top to stop dirt setting in the wet surface).
6. Using two pliers seperate the joining connector as per jewelery making instructions and add whatever little decoration you are using and slip the metal link through the nail hole and then add string/ ribbon to tie to journal.

This is a back view of a bottle cap pendant:

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