Sunday, 28 October 2012

Unpolished creativity

image: O Stempelnce upon a time............

Once upon a time there were two lowly potters chosen by a Person of Royalty for a task. This esteemed personage was of course, used to prompt and complete obedience with drastic results when royal expectations were not exceeded (the castle moats were not filled with crocodiles for petting). One potter was commanded to create the perfect pot whereas the other was commissioned to make as many pots as possible in the time allotted.

 Time passed.

When fanfare's announced the eminent arrival of the Person of Magnificence at a later date in the crammed royal calendar, the first potter dived into hiding within one of his largest pots. Quivering to his knees, he held his breath hoping that his hiding place would not be uncovered, his perfect pot left unfinished  on his work bench. Meanwhile, the other potter cheerfully presented his hundreds of pots - the last pot being an amazing  work of beauty, being the product of all the hundreds before.

Why on earth am I writing this? It's a  little parable written as a reminder to myself (and my kids) to make and keep on making and that in the process you will grow as an artist. I am trying to internally ban the "p" word. The royal personage is like that inner script inside saying "make it perfect first time", and it is something that kills creativity.

This blog is like that second potter's work - I'm hoping that by the end of a year of blogging/creating I will have grown into something that is far more polished but until then, I need to be content with my unpolished creativity.
image: Wood 4

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