Friday, 12 October 2012

The "artfull" pause (reason why #1)

"What's the point?" is a phrase I'm sure others have go through their minds at some stage in life. Probably closely followed by "Is this a waste of time? ".
Some days, once you have dragged yourself through whatever life has thrown you, to get to a blank piece of paper and then create is an enormous challenge.
Well, today I can answer that question. That memo about play - it made me stop enough to think, to reassess my life for a moment.
(Having just rescued the muesli from burning I shall continue..) Consequences of that art: when my daughter asked to go ice skating on an outdoor rink, I  agreed and made it into a date together. Stretched beyond my usual comfort zone, we ended up having a lot of fun and great exercise together. Art has it's uses in producing change in me!
 It's encouraged me to continue that "artfull" pause in my daily life.

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