Saturday, 20 October 2012

Stuck? Take a photo and risk failure!

What to do when stuck? With the journalling piece "Reptilian", I took a photo and then decided to do something new.
 I was not particularly happy with the piece but was scared to move on. Consequently, I took a risk and made a mistake - I forgot that I had used non- waterproof ink that then blurred when I added another layer on top. Lesson learnt (and blamed on a three a.m. wake up). Solution for future works - spray with a fixative layer first!
So - what to do now? Possibilities - 1.start again 2. use this piece as a base for a fresh collage/journal work.
3. Print out a digital copy in black and white or colour and use this as a base to start over from.
All is not lost - I was able to think through and review a key understanding of the brain not working well under stress/anxiety/emotionality.

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