Tuesday, 9 October 2012

How to's for "Garden in my Pocket"

For "Garden in my Pocket" :
1. Filled roasting pan with about 0.5cm of water and then mixed in separate containers about a spoonful of oil and then a teaspoon of food colouring.
2. I dropped the food colouring/oil mix on the water and used toothpicks to mix colours
3. I then put watercolour paper on the top of the water and then lifted it out to dry (with the oil involved I suggest layers of paper and a plastic sheet on work surface)
4. Once dried worked on it with collage pieces
5. Added twink pen

Lessons learnt
 a.the surface needs to be absorbent and thick to create the best effect;
 b.storage of the papers needs to be separate from other papers as oil stains will transfer to other works!
c. If the surface remains too oily brown paper on top and an iron may remove some of the oil? Follow Me on Pinterest

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